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Welcome to Hethersgill, Cumbria

The Parish of Hethersgill, with its roots in Reiver folk lore and before is a very rural North Cumbrian community of about 400 people – positioned between Hadrian’s wall and the Scottish border.


The Parish comprises the hamlet of Hethersgill itself together with a number of smaller settlements such as Uppertown, Bolton Fell End, Howford Bridge and Nether Onset.   The village of Hethersgill sits on a crossroads to the north east of and about 11 miles from Carlisle – accessing Smithfield, Walton, Brampton, Bolton Fell and Bewcastle. There is a popular pub (The Black Lion), St Mary’s church and the village hall.

The village is the hub for a widely dispersed population connected through other parish councils in this ultra rural area.

There is lively community involvement in parish activities and the Parish Hall is a popular gathering place - its dance floor is highly rated by those attending the many dances held throughout the year.