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Hethersgill Social Committee

Hethersgill Social Committee have traditionally arranged social events such as village trips, Halloween parties and over 60s social dinners. There have been no events arranged since the beginning of the covid pandemic.

The committee are now being supported by the Parish Council to develop more community events that are aligned with what residents would like to see. This is following a survey that was undertaken during the pandemic. You can read the results of the survey here.

In April 2022 we held an open evening for residents of the parish to come and meet new people and share their ideas on how we can build a better and more supportive community. You can read more about what happened at that meeting here.

Following that in early May we had a smaller meeting to move as many actions and activities forwards as we were able to. We also updated the group on the activities for the jubilee weekend. You can read notes from that meeting here.

Singing group

We now have a singing group - this takes place at 7pm every Tuesday in the Chapel (located on the crossroads) and is free just turn up.


We have also set up yoga classes which begin on the 9th June every Thursday at 6pm in the Hall. £7 per session of block book 5 for £30.

Other groups

We are establishing a walking group to explore the walks close to around the village and we are looking at trying to set up a film club and a book club. More on those soon hopefully.

We currently have around 12 people in the group and we are always looking for more people and new ideas. If you are interested in joining the social committee please contact

Katie Graham - Chair person 01228 675874

Marti Irving - Secretary 01228 675786 

Christine Falder - Treasurer. 01228 675690