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Council Members

Christine Williams (Chairman)

I have lived and worked all over Lancashire and Cumbria, most recently spending 26 years with Cumbria Police. When I moved to Hethersgill in 1995 I was the local Officer for the area. I retired in 2012 and became a local magistrate in 2018. I became a Parish Councillor to have a say in what happens in our village and to help look after the interests of our local people.

Alison Sisson (Vice-Chairman)

I'm a Cumbrian born and bred and have lived in Hethersgill for more than 50 years. I've been a member of the parish council for quite a few years and this is my first year as chairman. I would like the parish council to encourage as many residents to join in community activities and ensure Hethersgill continues to be a good place to live. Please do tell your councillors what you would like us to do to improve life in the parish and spend our share of your council tax wisely.

Simon Barrett (Councillor)

Jonathan Bryant (Councillor)

Frank Heaton (Councillor)

I have served as parish councillor for approx 30 years plus having grown up in the parish of Hethersgill and have seen some changes. I hope the changes are for the better.

Marti Irving (Parish Councillor)

Linda Summerfield (Councillor)