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Update from the November Parish Council Meeting

22nd November 2023

On the 22nd November Hethersgill Parish Council held our latest meeting.
A number of things were discussed and below is a brief summary of the meeting.
If you have any questions, would like more details or would like to raise something with the Parish Council please contact any of your local councillors or the parish Clerk.

  • Two new councillors were co-opted onto the parish council. they are Dawn Beer and Elizabeth McDonagh who both live in the village and are keen to help represent the views of our residents.
  • A new temporary Clerk was appointed. Allan Dawes was confirmed as temporary replacement cover following the resignation of Sarah Kyle earlier in the year.
  • Community Renewable Energy - resident have been asked if they would like to be involved in exploring grants and options available to develop renewable energy in the parish. A number of residents have expressed an interest and an introductory meeting has been arranged for Monday 11th December at 7.30 at the village hall. Anyone is welcome to pop along.
  • Our local PCSO Sue Holliday attended the meeting and explained more about a local neighbourhood watch scheme that all resident can join. its called Cumbria Community messaging and we will be sharing more detail about this and invited residents to sign up at a public meeting we intend to hold in the spring. In the mean time f you do want to sign up or find out more visit
  • Community led plan. The parish council feel it is time to update our community led plan (previously called the parish plan). we will be invited residents to become involved in this is at the public meeting in the spring.
  • Councillor John Mallinson - who is our representative on Cumberland Council - explained to the parish council how issues escalated through him are fed back to the parish council.
  • Woodland Trust free trees - this was discussed and we will share the details of how organisations can apply for free trees in the next edition of The Gill.
  • The arrangements for the grass cutting at Sandholes and on the crossroads was agreed.
  • 30mph limit extension to include more of the village was discussed. Cllr John Mallinson agreed to find out what the process to do this is and will feedback to the Parish Council.
  • Our expenditure is currently more than our precept. Therefore it was agreed that we would increase by 6% the precept in order to ensure our reserves are maintained and we are able to support the parish as we have been over the last few years. More details about this will be in the next edition of The Gill.